Inception of Local Law 26

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  • New York City Department of Buildings convened the World Trade Center Building Code Task Force to determine if modifications were needed to enhance public safety.
  • In February 2003, the Task Force released its findings recommending changes to the way that high-rise office buildings are designed and how they function during an extreme event.
  • Thirteen of these recommendations were signed into law on June 24, 2004 by Local Law 26 of 2004 which amended the New York City Building Code and Fire Prevention Code.
  • One Component of Local Law 26 of 2004 mandates the retroactive installation of photoluminescent signs and markings in class E high rise office buildings, 75ft or taller, on or before July 1, 2006, and requires that the Commissioner of Buildings adopt a reference standard establishing the technical standards for the installations and placement of the standards (RS 6-1 & 6-1A)

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